Your Questions

“How do I book an appointment?”

You can book online, by phone or WhatsApp.

“How long do sessions last?”

Please allow around 30 minutes.

“Do I need to prepare beforehand?”

No just relax (sitting or lying down) if receiving a distance healing.

“What can I expect to feel?”

Everyone is unique, but most feel the energy working within them. You may also experience a release of emotions that have been stuck in your energy field, contributing to your health issue… If you are being treated for depression, you should instantly feel a boost and a lifting of your emotions to a more happy, blissful state… If you are having treatment for something at the physical level, changes will begin to show up shortly for you. It may be necessary to have a follow up session, depending upon the severity of the condition. For example addictions generally require 2-3 sessions. This may also apply to chronic conditions.

“How are bookings and payments made?”

As a rule initial consultations are free, though some healers like to give a short consultation/treatment combination to begin with, followed by any further treatments that are deemed necessary.. Bookings for both consultations and treatments can be made either online (even if you are visiting in person) via our website, by phone or WhatsApp with a healer.. Payments can be made online, by PayPal, bank transfer, or in person.