our healing

Our Healing

Choose our professional healing team if you want to experience a tangible and powerful change in your life…

our healing

Our Healers

Our Healers are experienced and professional in the area of ‘Health and Wellness’. They are qualified in many healing modalities, including the very latest advanced ones, and have a vast wealth of knowledge…

Benefits of this service

You will experience an increased vital energy, faster vibration, a higher frequency, and a balanced Emotional Body, leading to less health issues, since your energy will now be flowing freely…

Restore your Divine Phi energy balance

This is the energy which builds Universal blocks, including your cellular structures, and the basic atomic form of everything in the ‘Multiverse’…

Reset your Cellular Matrix to its blueprint settings

Resetting or recalibration, will return you to your divinely intended state of wellbeing, as you were originally created. Before your templates were corrupted through the traumas of living in lower density energy fields…

Heal & Activate your DNA

Heal dysfunctional DNA and add the extra DNA strands from your living library, those which still exist in their etheric form.. This will empower you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be. We use the ‘Gateway Energy’ for this, please read below..

Other Perks 

Looking for more than just a personal healing? Why not become an empowering force in the healing world yourself, with access to the latest cutting edge healing technology? We are also empowered to empower you with advanced healing courses. Book here or with a local healer (they can also be given remotely)…

our healing

The Gateway Systems

The energy from the ‘Gateway Systems’ will heal your mind, body and soul.

our healing

The Ketheric Healing System

The ‘Ketheric Healing Energy’ from this System works at the causal level to heal the original cause of illness.

Silverstar System

This energy will shift you instantly out of depression or any lower vibrational state of being, thus bringing healing.