Med Beds versus Us

The ratio of light per atomic structure is governed by ‘Source’. Each structure has a different ratio and therefore a different structure manifesting within the dimensional fields.. However despite the diversity, One single ‘Golden Thread’ unites All. This is known as the ‘Golden Mean’, the divine configuration. It is this divine design that was given to us at the beginning of Creation, as perfectly Whole fractals of Source Energy and Consciousness..

As we embarked upon our Soul journey, we became denser and heavier in vibration. The highest light spectrum was becoming dimmer to us, with each incarnation. Until there came a time when there was only a glimmer of this Light flickering within us. In this state of being, we became vulnerable to the energies of low vibrational form. Since everything in the visible and invisible world has form (including our thoughts and emotions), our bodies became a breeding ground for disease, the diseases of the mind/body construct..
With our Hearts misaligned with our Divine Centre within, we could no longer connect to the Golden Energy of Source. What was once an open circuit of free flowing Life Energy from our Divine Mother/Father God, became closed off.
With no new vital energy entering our body temples, the original body script for health and harmony and a lifespan of hundreds of years, was overwritten with an inferior version. This inferior version then became the accepted ‘Norm’. Our DNA switched off to the point where we could only maintain two active strands. After all two strands are sufficient for a body that will only survive for decades rather than centuries!..
This inferior way of life is now no longer supported, since our home, our planet is moving up the vibrational scale.. In order to remain on Earth, we must follow suit.. We are being forced to heal and to realign with our Divine Templates of form once again.. All levels of the Earth are being purged and cleansed, from the societal, corporate, governmental, to the personal individual level. Our bodies are a microcosm of the macrocosm, reflecting the changes that are happening Universally..

You have not been abandoned however throughout this changing landscape. There are Souls who have arrived as specialists. They come from other realities and Universes and are armed with powerful tools to assist you in your healing process. With their help and assistance, you can quickly restore your Divine Templates, heal and upgrade your DNA and return your body to perfect health and wellbeing, the way it was intended to be.. The Universal Divine circuits will be opened to you again. Limitation and disempowerment will be no more.. You can find these helpers here:

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