Reviews from our clients

We take pride in providing the very best care and assistance to our clients. Helping them to resolve their healing issues as speedily as possible.. Read what they say below. You can find our healers HERE

“I don’t know what you did today but after 3 weeks I suddenly feel better, my head has cleared and the pain is so much better. Amanda you have truly worked miracles, and I am so grateful, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Amanda that was very relaxing! I felt a lot of attention on my right rib cage during the session. Nice floaty feeling-like through space during the middle of the session. My body feels alive and electric. Good stuff! Thank you!”

“Incredible absolutely incredible! Amanda it felt like the DNA in all my cells was being rearranged!”

“Thanks again for the sessions, Amanda. I know they’ve helped a lot. Before, I would have been in intense pain the day after riding my motorcycle, but yesterday the pain level was low. As my day progressed, the benefits were more and more noticeable. I’m impressed, and it’s also something very rare. There are healers out there that have the ability to pass forward healing, and the people that receive that healing receive a positive effect and have a shift, but it’s a rarity for a healer to be able to have that big of an impact and on top of that to do it long distance. One experience I did have that was very interesting and wonderful to feel, was a sensation of light and energy coursing up my spine, like a piano keyboard being played!”

“I approached Amanda a few weeks ago after the birth of my daughter. I was really struggling to get my breast milk up for my daughter’s consumption and Amanda was my last ditch attempt, after weeks of supplements, pumping and every trick in the book, nothing had worked. Lo and behold 3 amazing connective and cosmic sessions later, my breast milk is flowing, and I am gobsmacked and so grateful. Another lesson that energy work with people like Amanda, should be the first port of call and not the last. I will be forever grateful to Amanda for what she has done for us!” …

– Amanda Arcadia (Canada)



”April is a fantastic Therapist, with a Beautiful Soul that shines through her work” … Kristen Haynes

“I have been a client for many years. My visits cleanse my body and spirit. Always leave revitalised. April is the ultimate healer”.. Debra Mignemi

“If you’ve never had energy work done, you’re missing out. I had horrible tension headaches from a combination of work, college and three children. April did a few sessions on me and I haven’t had one since. That was 8 months ago!”.. Danny Leftridge

“The session was amazing! I didn’t expect distance healing to work so well. I straight away felt energy flowing down my body. There was a lot of white light. It’s incredible how I’d feel parts of my body relax, one at a time. Before the session I just came back from work and felt a lot of brain fog, fatigue and irritation. But within minutes that heaviness lifted. I have such clarity in my head, my mood is positive, there is so much gratitude and calmness! My back was hurting before the session started, but within 15 minutes I actually noticed how relaxed it was.. Thank you April”.. Mar

“In the beginning of my session I began to feel a wave of pure unconditional love pour over me. It was calming and so sweet. Not long after that I began to feel what I can only describe as a divine connection, like I was coming ‘online’… The session was 30 minutes in total. I typically have a hard time sitting still and meditating that long. In regards to the divine connection, that is something I have never felt before. As long as I’ve been on my journey I’ve tried hard to connect to my Higher Self. This session was the first time I’ve ever felt this. I feel lighter, my mind feels more sharp. I’ve always tried to trust and listen to my instinct, but always second guessed it. I feel that listening to my instinct will be easier for me to do now. Very thankful for this Gateway Energy Healing session ♥ ” ..

– April McBride (US)


“This session with lovely Starlight was incredible!!! Her activations come from very, very high realms, she shares so much wisdom and she is such a kind, caring, loving soul that I feel honoured to know and work with. Her activations are really profound and powerful, absolutely love the light language activations, I have had instant results and have been having a really profound, the most beautiful experiences almost daily since receiving this activation. And what is really interesting and amazing that even though it was me who received this activation, my husband is actually receiving its benefits too and experiencing major shifts. And I know even more and more will keep revealing in divine timing. So grateful for you Starlight! Thank you with all my heart.” Lida Wyatt.

“I’m truly speechless as words cannot describe the powerful session with Starlight Rose. I felt drawn to reach out to her through the store, and in no time she guided me, and we scheduled the zoom session within the week. She is a beautiful soul that is genuinely devoted to helping with ascension and integration. The session was so powerful that only experience can describe the feeling of knowing for me, not the words. Time melted and shifted, energy transformed and intelligence surfaced. If you feel drawn to Starlight Rose offerings from deep within, go for it! For my soul, it was divine timing and I’m truly thankful for the wonderful & loving session!! I’m exited to see the wonders unfold now that I know. Thank you Starlight Rose, I wish you all the love + light, and I look forward to working with you again.” Ayham M.

“I have so many wonderful things to say about my session with Starlight. She is a truly gifted individual who is dedicated to helping others along their journeys. I had many questions going into this activations and she answered all of them and more without me even asking the questions. She was able to connect to exactly what I needed to progress in my journey and provided me with tools to utilize towards my goals. The session literally brought tears to my eyes and left me feeling equipped, supported, and hopeful for the integration to come. I will absolutely work with her again and I highly recommend you to do so if you’re looking for a catalyst in your life.” MK.

“I have had several sessions with Starlight, each one more powerful than the last! When you receive a session with her, you can absolutely beyond a doubt feel the shifts begin within you. In coming to know her as a healer, teacher and friend, I can assure you she is the real deal. Immediately I was able to begin to make changes in my life that, without the blockages I had being removed, I would have never been able to make on my own. She specializes in reading the needs of a person’s soul, healing the soul, so that they can experience feeling more love and light within their heart. That is how a person is able to make positive changes. She always has the best advice and can absolutely help you with any issues or challenges you are facing in your own spiritual journey. I cannot wait to have my next session! The possibilities are endless and full of love! — Kristina Z.

“I was feeling energetically stagnant and not knowing what I was to do next. Starlight Rose was able to differentiate the multiple energies that were involved and articulate very clearly the reasons and purposes behind each issue. Every session I’ve had with her has been profound in my ascension/soul/integration/healing/ spiritual journey. The amount of knowledge, love, and truth she possesses can be felt on a soul level. The light language healings I have experienced have produced immediate results (so much that I’m always in awe and get so excited to tell her of the results) She provides a safe environment/trust for clients, that allows my consciousness to expand beyond all of my previous beliefs and into the realms so that I may step into my power and truth of who I am.” – Amanda A.
– Starlight Rose (US)

“My soul purpose is to anchor light on to the planet and to assist my clients in doing the same by supporting them in there spiritual growth and healing. I assist in the clearing of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies for healing and the emergence of the luminescent lightbody.   Some of the tools I use to do this with are Reiki/Light Ascension Therapy, Vortex Healing Therapy, Theta Healing, Rising Star Healing Therapy, Axiatonal Grid Alignment, Magical Awakenings Healing, Core Star and Hara Activations, Unity Field Healing, Arcturian Healing Method and Pleiadian Light Work. I am also a frequency holder and courses facilitator for the Monatomic Healing, Ketheric Healing, Plasma Light and Atlantis Gateway courses.”

– Lorenzo Ford (Florida US)


“I can highly recommend Annie Athena both as a healer but also as a person. You will feel, as soon as you step through the door, that you are in safe hands. 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️✨
– Nicole ♥” 

“Annie Athena has helped me for several years. Both through divorce and challenges with my faith in myself. When I’ve had hard times she has always helped me pull myself back together.. With her calm and warm mind, it always feels safe and I always leave her with renewed energy. I can highly recommend treatments at Annie Athena’s”.. – Tina

“During the holidays on The Canadian Islands already on the first evening I got a pain in my legs. The pain continued for the following days, so much so that I had to take painkillers to be able to find peace when I had to sleep. I googled the symptoms I had and it fitted “restless legs” also called RLS. The anxiety and pain only got worse and worse, so I contacted Annie Athena for help and a remote healing. The very next day, after receiving the healing, the pain had subsided and on the second day the pain had disappeared! Fantastic experience! Many thanks to Annie Athena for the help” ❤️🙏🏻 -Anja

“The feeling of change in body and soul starts with Annie Athena…
Guiding and healing for changes in your life can’t be better than with her in her safe hands, calm nature, and her presence. It gave me the faith to become a mother and restored my body to motherhood.. I always feel an inner peace when I have received healing and a gentle encouraging push” .. ❤️ – Gitte

“I have received treatments from Annie Athena Friis over several years. Annie is a lovely, loving and caring person. Annie’s treatments are always tailored to the current need, and she works effectively to remove various types of physical and mental blockages by supplying, moving and opening the body’s energy coupled with more physical treatment involving relaxation and balancing of the body. Annie also has a very clear sight, and she guides me in questions related to complex issues and situations related work both work and private life”. – Anne

– Annie Athena Friis (Denmark)


“You’ll love the results when you receive from Juliane! During one healing, Juliane was able to look into my energy field and see that my ex husband still had a cord attachment after 24 years. This information allowed me to release that attachment and regain more of my energy”.. – April McBride

“I have received several healings with Juliane. I have received the ‘Gateway’, ‘Silverstar’, ‘Plasma Light’ and loved everyone! She is a gifted healer, and I recommend booking her services” – April McBride

“Juliane managed to shift the state I was in when everything seemed unmanageable. With her healing and her big insight into life, she gave me exactly what I needed to move on in life. Thank You – Annie Athena Friis

“Juliane is an excellent healer who helped me with my eyes and other bodily issues”… – Ina Luttjeboer

– Juliane Mirsa Moller (UK, ne Denmark)


“I came across Kira and her amazing technologies, after having had stage 4 breast cancer. Her healing gift made perfect sense to me. If there was a way to determine the configuration of our original healthy body system, and introduce that configuration into a body that wasn’t working at its optimum, the body would recalibrate to its natural healthful state.. Having a cancer recalibration was one of the best things I ever did. Immediately I felt a peace, and a few days later a substantial increase in physical energy, which hasn’t subsided. The coup de grace was the cancer test results. A few weeks later, every oncology marker was normal. This was life-changing and I would recommend working with Kira to all who wish to experience a health transformation. You will find Kira to be a gifted, sensible, open-hearted and positive soul who is empowering others daily”… Kim Hunt

“My Niece was so sick she couldn’t breathe! She was so close to being picked up by an ambulance to get oxygen. After Kira removed the virus code, she could breathe freely again ♥ Thanks again Kira for saving her!♥ … Aase Krogh

“I contacted Kira when a friend of mine, Graeme was rushed into intensive care in 2020 suffering with breathing difficulties, due to the presence of the SARS COV 2 virus in his body. He was placed on a ventilator and only given a 1% chance of survival.. Kira removed the matrix code of the virus and he made an astonishing recovery! I can’t pretend to understand what Kira does, but I’m sure that it helped in his recovery”… John Brindley

“I was in a very dark place and felt suicidal.. I contacted Kira and she came to see me. She sat me on a chair and began to work on me with her energy. Immediately I felt my mood lift from despair to elation. I saw purple and gold colours swirling around me, and couldn’t stop laughing! .. I remained in this ecstatic state for a long time. Such a powerful healing”. Taruna Chauhan

“I just wanted to share with You that since I’ve been working with You, I have been creating my own Healing/Activation sessions for my clients.. The feedback and results from clients have been incredibly profound.. I can tell You for certain that You and what You have brought through, has been a tremendous catalyst in assisting me to remember Who I am and why I’m here”… Jon Rios

– Kira Diane Lester (UK)